Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan, The Comedy Buffet, and The Fact That It Took So Long For Me To Write So Little... Oh Yeah And Some Art!

I'm sure everyone has heard about the stuff going on in Japan. Not sure how you couldn't. But it's pretty horrible. Here is link to the Red Cross to make a donation if you are able. The stuff going on the the nuclear power plants is pretty scary too. From what I understand there are still great risks. Hopefully they get them cooled down and contained before too much radiation leaks. This picture is just devastating. Wow... Hang in there Japan..

On a lighter note, I finally listened to an episode of the podcast my friend Don Buley does. Its called The Comedy Buffet. And I'll admit it had some very funny parts, some very disturbing parts, and some parts I was like "what?". So basically like everyday conversation! But that's what it seemed like. A bunch of friends just sitting around talking. And recording it. With limited guidance. Meaning they had an agenda I'd say, but as in normal hangs you always get sidetracked. Always. So please head over the their site and give them a listen. Good stuff all around.

Hmm what else has been going on? I've started playing my XBOX 360 again. Playing Oblivion like crazy in anticipation of Skyrim. Bethesda make amazing games. They probably take up all the top spot in my list of favorite games. Add in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games and I'll be golden.

Next month on the 15th I'm going to see My Chemical Romance in Chicago. It's gonna be a blast. I really wanna stay up there til the next day and see Go Radio. But as of right now I'm having troubles finding anyone to go up there on the 16th... So if you read this and wanna go. Let me know! Can't think of anything other than the fact that it took me well over an hour to write this post. During that time I've tweeted, ate, played Fallout 3, got on facebook, and read some news articles. Go me!

And I'm leaving you with more art by my friend Kayla :D

She is just an amazing artist. These are some of my favorites that I've seen!

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