Thursday, March 24, 2011

So I'm really glad I've gotten more into the blogging world. Over the last few days I have found many wonderful blogs to read! And the people on the forums are friendly and helpful. With tons of ideas and feedback. One of those blogs is here. She is also a writer. And I'm gonna steal a page from her book real quick! So what does everyone reading this think of my blog? Layout, background, content, etc, etc. What kinda stuff would you like to see?

I'm gonna keep this post short as I still have to pack and what not for the weekend. Yay for not working this weekend :D


  1. Awww....thanks for linking me!! You just made my day =) I'm following you now too, by the way.

    Content: I'm interested in things when they become personal. Do you want to talk about a soccer game? Okay, I'm not interested. Do you want to talk about the soccer game and the funny conversation you had about it with your best friend? Or how you were there and you'll never guess what happened? Or how it was your first sporting experience? I'm all ears. I can read reports and news anywhere, but when you throw in the personal touch then I'm listening (or reading in this case lol).

    Layout/background: Not too bad, and this one is hard to judge anyway because it's personal taste. I grabbed the basic book layout for mine when I started because I wasn't worried about layouts. Now that I'm trying to dress it up a bit I wanted to still keep the book theme (thus you can see the spiral pages on the site), but I wanted it to look more refined. I'm AWFUL at html, so I googled until I found something I liked. Really the only thing I don't like about your page as far as layout? The white spots among the pictures, which I know are not your fault, it's the layout's fault. It certainly doesn't stop me from reading your blog, but that's the only thing that sticks out to me as not feeling quite right. (Much like the giant black box on my page I'm desperately trying to get rid of right now.) Whatever you do I think the best advice as far as layouts/backgrounds go is to keep it easy and inviting. =)

  2. No problem! I think your blog is great (and getting greater!) And that’s something I think people should read!

    And thank you so much for the feedback! I’ve been looking for the “perfect” background. I could probably fix the white spots. I hadn’t noticed them till you mention them lol. The only other thing I was weary of was the stuff in the right hand bar. The follow button etc. Not sure if its too cramped or what? lol