Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut

Yesterday marked the start of the 6th series of Doctor Who. I requested the day from work just to be able to watch it when it came on. As expected it was AMAZING! Now I'll give a brief and most likely random breakdown of it.

It starts out with the Doctor in the nude hiding under some ladies dress. Not sure what was going on. I don't remember off the top of my head. Then Amy and Rory get a letter with directions to meet up somewhere in the middle of nowhere in America. They get there and the Doctor is waiting. River shows up. They have a picnic by a lake. The Doctor says he is like 1,103 when its only been a couple months since he was 907. Amy sees a person thing standing in the distance. But forgets she saw it as soon as she looked away. Then an astronaut comes out of the lake. And a truck pulls up from the other way. The Doctor tells the others to stay back as he talks to the astronaut. He does. The Doctor tells the astronaut he knows who it is. Then the astronaut shoots green stuff out of his hand at the Doctor. He starts to regenerate but the astronaut shoots him again, killing him. The astronaut leaves and the others burn the Doctors body in a boat on the lake. They go back to the diner to figure stuff out and then realized that the letters/invites were numbered. But there wasn't a number 1. Then out of a door walks.... the Doctor!! River tells him to tell Amy his age. He says 908 (I think). Soooo the Doctor killed by the lake is a future version of the Doctor. The future version sent invites to them all including himself. They go to the whitehouse, land the TARDIS in the oval office. Amy see the same creature in the bathroom. Another lady in there sees it then forgets as soon as she looks away. (Thats who the aliens roll. You don't remember them unless you are looking at them. Pretty creepy.) Then the Doctor figures out where the phone calls have been coming from (the president keeps getting weird phone calls). They go there. It's a warehouse. River goes down to look at stuff below and sees a bunch of the alien things. Gets freaked out and goes back up but then forgets she saw them. So she goes back down.

Sadly I don't remember the end too well right now. I'm tired. I'll watch the episode again sometime. But all in all it was pretty amazing! Can't wait til next week to watch the second part of it!

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