Monday, April 18, 2011

MCR and stuff

I had every intention of writing a more detailed and lengthy post about the show but I don't really feel like it. So here is basically what went down.

The drive up to Chicago went good until we got stuck in some horrendous traffic. Thus we started to fall behind "schedule". Then stupid yahoo maps was all janky. Luckily I was able to save the day with Google Maps Navigation. By the time we turned around fought through traffic, found parking, and got into the building the second of three bands was nearly finished.

Backing up to the parking situation. Those people were complete morons. I understand they had to fit as many vehicles in the lot as possible. But the guy tried telling Paul to move further left. Which was impossible as the mirror was touching/almost touching the mirror of the next car. So in the end the van wasn't moved over anymore though the dude thought it was.

Now I'm going to complain about the sound quality in the venue (The Aragon Ballroom, I believe). I have no idea what I'm talking about but it seemed like they didn't account for the natural acoustics of the room so the ten million speakers they had set up echoed badly. I could barely understand half of what was being said/sang into the mic.

I saw two people get carried out of the pit, another girl had a bloody nose, and Paul got kicked in the head (HA.HA.) I had elected to stay on the side where we started. I'm not really one for pushing through people. Even at a concert. Especially since we got there late. But had I started in the pit I would have gotten crazy. But I had a blast either way. My Chemical Romance sounded great even with the crappy sound setup.

The drive home went smoothly. Then I slept and regained hearing sometime later that night or the next day. HA!

I somehow ended up writing more about that then I had intended to. Oh well. Now onto the other stuff... I don't know what the other stuff is anymore :(

Well I did just finished playing Medal of Honor. It got pretty intense. Now I have to play through Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. I'm now on book 8 of The Ranger's Apprentice series. Still very good!

I haven't worked on my maps any since I last posted about them. Because I'm lame like that. HA. But I will in a bit. Ummm I've been watching Red Dwarf. I haven't started the second season. Though it's sitting right there. So far I think its a great show. Cat is my favorite character so far.

Hmm well I think I've sufficiently rambled about nothing important. Until next time!

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  1. The worst I've ever been hurt at a concert was at Panic! at the Disco. It wasn't even during their set. I can thank Motion City Soundtrack instead. I got kicked in the head far too much to be healthy and that's the only time I've had security pull me out of a pit.

    Good luck with Dragon Age. The husband is ALMOST finished playing it so he can play Awakening next. So far he's loved it, but it's definitely a loooong game!