Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Short Story Was Published!

So some news. As you know I finished writing and editing my short story a few days ago and submitted it to Yahoo! Contributor Network. Well today around 3:30pm I got an email saying it was published! You can check it out here. Or you can even pick up and ebook copy here on Smashwords. Now I know you can simply view it in its entirety on the Yahoo link or pay $.99 for the ebook download. Now why would I pay if I don't have to? Well that's a good question. To be perfectly honest I hadn't thought of that when I was publishing it to Smashwords. But I felt as if I should get something for my work. Right? Is that wrong to think like that? I don't think so. Want some silly reasons why you should purchase it?
1. You like it so much that you want me to write more and me earning monies from writing will allow me to do other things less *cough, work, cough* and write more. (I can dream can't I?)

2. You can download in pretty much any ebook format you can think of. So no matter what ereader you have you can still read it. Or even have the option to read it on your computer in a PDF.

3. To see me smile? :D

Now that I think about it I hope that there wasn't some silly legal thing about publishing it elsewhere since I published on Yahoo first. As I didn't bother to read the agreement stuff. Hmmm... well it's my story and I'll do as I please.

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