Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finished My Big Map!

So a couple of nights ago I started working on the large version of my map for my book. It is four times as large as the map I had drawn previously. So I had to figure out how it was sectioned so I knew where to put landmarks (mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, etc.). That was the part I was dreading. Then I realized I wasn't ever going to get it perfect so I just went crazy. A lot of stuff changed a bit but I think it looks better. I'm sure I'll add stuff as I flesh out the world. Kingdoms, kings, cities, towns, histories, etc, etc. I have to figure out a scale for it too. But anyways here are some pictures of it. Enjoy!

The entire map.

Another full shot.
Next is a series of it broken down.


  1. I know I could probably answer this question myself if I would filter through all of your past posts, but frankly, I'm too lazy for that, so I'll just ask you. What is your book about? From looking at this map, it oddly reminds me of Eragon. Or maybe it's just the blog background. Haha:)

  2. I'm not quite sure how to describe it so here is a link to the site I started posting some of it on.

    It's a fantasy book. So in that aspect it's like Eragon, which I love. It's a totally normal thing for pieces of other books and stuff to leak into your own. So I'm sure there are aspects from the Eragon map in mine. Subconsciously anyways!

  3. Ah, I read what was on there. It already seems pretty good! :D And I'm pretty picky about my taste in books, so that's saying something!

  4. Thanks! I'll definitely try posting more soon if you are interested.