Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Games and Vacation So Far

I figured I'd get today's post outta the way as I'm probably going to be playing games all night. And that means I probably won't remember to post! I'm writing this as my friend Clifford plays Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. It looks pretty sweet. Especially for a game from the Xbox Live arcade. I'll probably join in and co-op in a bit. Dungeons and Dragons is amazing. I've played the table top pen and paper version on and off for about six years. Not so much lately. Last time be role played was November of 2009. And that was a zombie game.

Day one of vacation consisted of waking up early to write and falling back asleep for three hours instead. Then went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart where I bought some nice new pencils and sticky notes!

Day two of vacation (today) has consisted of me waking up early to write and falling back to sleep for three hours. (I suck. I know.) Then I talked to the apartment people. Then was not writing some more and then I went to lunch with my friend and now we are playing games. I'm going to write tonight. I swear. I promise. And that isn't an empty promise.

Other than that I'm still not having the new dashboard. I do use blogger in draft and have been since April when I first heard of the new dashboard being slowly released to draft users. I just don't get how a long time constant blogger gets to wait and a new blogger who hasn't even made a post get it? I mean it's not a big deal because I can still make the same content on the old but its the logic behind it. Give it to the old bloggers then to the new as they start. Simple. But I digress and am going to play video games. Goodbye and goodnight!

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