Friday, June 17, 2011

I need a netbook! Help!

I bought a bookshelf today. Mainly for a place to keep my notebooks and binders and papers and stuff for writing. As opposed to having them crammed into boxes, being all inaccessible an what have you. Now they are all with in easy reach.

Also I tried playing my original Xbox games on my 360 and I couldn't. I could have sworn I had the most up to date backwards compatibility. I was all like GRRRR!

Also I'm in the market for a nice netbook for my writing. Strictly writing. Well of course web too. For research and uploading my stuff. Anyone have suggestions? I want to stay under $400. The cheaper the better obviously.

Speaking of netbooks does anyone know anything about the new Chromebooks? I've read stuff about them but I'm still a bit confused. Is it only web-based (meaning is all it do is get online?) Or does the chrome OS have some sort of word processor and the like?


  1. The ChromeBooks aren't netbooks. They're full notebooks, so they're laptop-sized. But the ChromeBooks come with one program, and one program only. Chrome. The web browser. Everything you do on it is done online, then stored online. Presentations and documents are made with Google Docs, photos are stored on Picasa or PhotoBucket, videos on YouTube, etc. So, if you, say, accidentally drop your Chromebook off the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, everything is still safely stored online. It has it's perks, but I would miss PowerPoint, iTunes, and Paint too much;)

  2. I did some more research. I guess they are neither netbooks or regular notebooks. They are chromebooks! Ha I'm funny. I still think they fall under netbook. Due to size and lack of a disc drive. And also the fact that it is basically made for the web. Which is pretty much the description of a netbook. At least thats what I got out of it.

    You are right about rest. It runs the Chrome operating system which is pretty much the browser. And everything is saved online.

    I love Google but I think I'm going to go with a traditional netbook for now.