Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts about my new netbook...

Okay, this is my two day review on my Acer Aspire One netbook.

Well first, the one I got has Windows 7 starter. I didn't know what  7 starter consisted of. Such as not having the ability to change the wallpaper. I found a program which lets you change though. Other than that the only other problem I have had is getting used to the keyboard. But after two days I'm pretty used to it and can type at my normal speed. The backspace is kind of small so I hit the +/= button a lot instead of backspacing.

The screen is nice and bright. The wireless adapter works great. So far the battery lasts just under 3 hours. Note: that is with my current power settings. And slow that is just what it says when I hover over the battery icon after I unplug it when it is fully charged. Right now it says "1hr 18min (48%) remaining". But I've seen it say like 1hr 32min with only 30% remaining. So I'm not sure the exactly battery life. The box said 4 hours on a full charge. The charger is pretty small and portable so even if on the go and the battery is dying it shouldn't be a hassle to charge as long as you have an outlet!

But I got it to write on and get online. As I said the wifi adapter works great and the internet is smooth. And I installed OpenOffice and that runs perfectly. So for me and my needs it is perfect! Oh I should mention the model. The model number is: D257-13473

Hope this has been helpful and not to rambled together!

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