Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Unhealthy Habit

I have an unhealthy habit of buying notebooks. Or paper of any sort. Legal pads, spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, writing tablets, mini spiral memo pads, loose leaf paper, journals, leather covered journals, anything. And the sad part is, I hardly use any of it! Pens and pencils are a problem too. I have enough paper to write and rewrite five or more books. So I guess you could say I'm well prepared!

I'm currently watching True Grit. Good movie. Well I'm to bed. Work early.


  1. I have that obsession too! I have a pile with at least 15 or more... and nothing to do with them, they just look cool! :)

  2. Haha they do! And my sister bought me a new cloth covered journal today. *sigh* One more to the pile(s)! Maybe one day I'll post pics of all of them on here!