Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nook Simple Reader

So about a week ago my Augen "The Book" e-reader decided to die :(
I paid about $108 for it right after last christmas. It was a great e-reader. Accepted almost all formats of ebooks. Rotateded everyway. Could play audio and video (not the most user friendly but then again I didnt buy it for that). But yeah it died. Power button quit working. And the Augen customer service has still failed to return my service ticket (jerks) so i went ahead and started looking at other ereaders. Saw the Nook Simple Reader (which came out last month i think) it seemed nice.

Saw it at walmart and picked it up. The only downfall was i HAD to register it with Barnes and Noble. Via a wifi connection. Which i dont have anymore. :( i was going to walk to the library to set it up but ended up going to mcdonalds which was closer. Set it up and that was it. Loaded my books and its amazing! The screen is VERY clear and easy to read. With multiple font sizes. And in epubs you can change the fonts too. You can search words. Look them up. And jump chapter to chapter. I enjoy the "shelves" feature. Where you can put any number (up to 100) of books on a "shelf". So i can group series for easy access! As for size it is about 2-3 inches shorter than the Nook Color. And it is a touch screen. The only buttons are the "Nook" button which opens the menu and the power button on back. And the 2 forward buttons and 2 backwards buttons. All of which are very unobtrusive and easy to press. They say the battery will last up to 2 months on a charge (with no wifi connection).

Took it to barnes and noble yesterday. Connected to their wifi and after i left i realized it had downloaded 5 books. Ones like dracula and pride and prejudice. Oh and when connected to wifi you can buy books from the Nook Book store.

Basically it is simple. Like the name says. I love it. (I also love real books so dont be hatin) :D


  1. I looked at Nooks today when I went to look at laptops! they were pretty cool! Did you get the colored one, or the black and white one? :D And hurry up and fix your internet! your posts are missed!

  2. I got the black and white one. Its actually called The Simple Touch Reader. Its amazing. I dont see the need for color as im not that into picture books! Hahaha wow im corny...

  3. Haha I would have got the black and white one too!