Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Work story...

So last night at work: i was scheduled 8 hours as a dairy clerk. So i got here, and got all my tags and signs hung within 4 hours. Took my first break and ate. Then went back and started clearing up the dairy cooler for the new milk arrival in a couple hours. Like my schedule said i worked in dairy. Well one of the managers came in all freaking out telling me I was supposed to be working in grocery tonight. And I was like "no im in dairy tonight" manager was all like "it says on the schedule grocery" and i was like "it says im in grocery tomorrow night and over here tonight" manager was all like "i know what it says" so im like "im just telling you what it says". So naturally manager gets all crabby and is like "wells lets go look at the schedule" and im like "lets". So the whole way to the front of the store and upstairs manager is going on about how i was being disrespectful and was all like "thats insubordination. I just want you to think about that." All snotty like. (The only reason she got that position was because i passed up on it. And i had only been with the company for 1.5 years) we get to the schedule and whadyaknow. It says exactly what I said it did. It was quite amusing to see manager all flabbergasted. Manager then blabbed about how store manager had said i was supposed to be split. Strange that i wasnt told about that. Hmmm. But i helped them out because im a nice guy. She apollogized. I said sorry if i sounded rude or something.

I mean give someone a little power and they become an arrogant jerk. Anyways, I'm sitting at work again. No "manager". Should be a good night. I have some life savers :D

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