Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Phone

Finally got my new phone. A DROID X2. So far I love it. Its super fast! And the screen is so much bigger than my old ally. And I can watch movies and stuff. And nook for android is a lot nicer. I also started using audible. Which I can download books and listen to them right in my phone. And the memory on the phone is many times more than my ally. I can actually have a bunch of appear. And right now I am typing like crazy and I hope im not messing up too bad because I don't want to check it :D

The camera is like 4 times better than my old one and can record in high definition! Hmm that's about it. Ill post again later tonight to update what life has been like. Adventures and all that jazz.

Also you should join me on google+ . If you don't have it email me and I cam send you an invite :)

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