Friday, August 5, 2011

On Writing

So I decided to start reading the Dragonlance Chronicles (very good so far by the way).

And after a few chapters in I realized something. 2 of the characters are very similar to 2 characters in my own writing. In Chronicles its a dwarf and a "kender" (which is like a halfling). In mine its a dwarf and a halfling. The dwarf is much older. The halfling enjoys teasing the dwarf. Both are the same.

I guess there is some differences. My halfling is can be serious. Well is usually serious. As opposed to the kender joking nonstop. My dwarf plays along and teases back. The chronicles dwarf usually gets angry.

I just find it strange that there is such a similarity between the two. Especially since Ive been writing on thet story since high school and only started reading the book two days ago.

Does that happen to anyone else? (Those of you who write). Should i scrap the characters? Or roll with it?

1 comment:

  1. yes but it is usually with paintings and then i find one that looks like mine...

    don't stop what you are writing because some of the characters are like others

    roll with it :)