Sunday, August 21, 2011


I wasn't even going to post this. But I love all yous too much to not do that. I know how patiently you've been waiting for an update.

Well life has been going much as it has normally. Work. Sleep. Eat. Etc. Etc. Been reading like crazy. Work is going ok I guess. Got a new phone. Went with the droid x² . Pretty happy about that choice. Very slick and fast. No not slick like it is a slippery phone (it actually has a rubberized coating thing. Very nice) but slick like... may've sleek?  I don't know but im sure you get the point. Right?

Haven't went on any hiking adventures this summer. Much to my disappointment. Oh well. What can you do?

I beat mass effect 1 & 2 and really want to play the 3rd one but it's not out yet.

Next Saturday marksbthe return of Doctor Who!  I can't really express his excited I am about that. And also that weekend sometime we are starting back up roleplaying. The star wars rpg to be exact. I have to work on the first adventure before then though. I have some ideas so no worries.

Lastly, my writing. I haven't really worked much on my old stuff but one day on my way to work I suddenly got an idea and 2 days ago I wrote 1000+ words. I actually sat down and wrote. And that makes me so overt excited and giddy. Yes giddy like a school girl. Hahahahaha kidding. But really it did. :D


  1. Giddiness is always fun. School girl giddiness is even better. ;)

    Sounds like you found your muse. Keep at it!

  2. Thanks! I hope I've found it and that the giddiness isn't just from the fact that I wrote for a change.

    On a side note, is your book out yet?? I want to read it!

  3. haha, you're sweet. :) Not out yet, but I'm working on that!