Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing Software: A Review

The two different things I am reviewing (or rather giving my opinion on) are Storybook and yWriter5. (check the links for a free download. as they are both free software!) Now I'm just going to put what I had jotted down a couple months ago. Some pros and cons of each one. I'll give more thoughts as I use them more.


PROS: Can add content to the scenes.
Word count.
Goal/Conflict/Outcome for each scene.
Export of chapters to a word document.
Drag and Drop characters/locations/etc to scenes.
Each scene can be set the the "viewpoint" of which ever character.
Main "dashboard" has a chapters column on the left. then the scenes in the chapter in the center. And each scene it shows the characters, locations, words, etc in a spreadsheet like thing.
Daily word count target. I think you can set it up for the whole project. And a daily log sheet.
Storyboard view which shows all the unused scenes. And a time line for each main character. You can then drag and drop and rearrange the scenes. From unused to a character or from character to character or with in a characters time line.
Word usage. Shows how often you use certain words.

 (apparently I couldn't think of any cons)


PROS: Character section is in depth.
Location section is separated into country, then city, then specific location.
Has an "Ideas" tool where you can brainstorm. Its pretty simple. Title and description. Then you can set it to Not Started. Started. Completed. and Abandoned.
Has "Chronological view" - which is where your plot strands are and you can edit and add scenes.
"Manage chapters and scenes" - which you can drag and drop scenes to chapters.
"Book view" - which shows you what it looks like in order that you have placed the scenes.

CONS: Has a "summary" section in the scenes but not really a content section.
All the other tools and charts require paying for the Professional version.

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