Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have Skyrim and the last book in the Inheritance Cycle and the new Stephen King book.

Inheritance (the name of the fourth book) has been amazing so far. I really didn't expect anything less. The entire series has been great. I finished a chapter and had to go to work which sucked because something happened right at the end of the chapter that is HUGE and I wanted to keep reading but couldn't. I will probably go read that after I finish with this.

I have yet to start the new King book as I am reading the other I just mentioned.

Skyrim. Is. Amazing. I had to work all day the 10th and got to Gamestop at about 6pm to wait until midnight. I got home and set up to play around 1am and played until 730. Slept for about 4 hours and then played more. Its a gigantic improvement over the last game in the series. (which was also amazing. so Skyrim is even more amazinger!)

I love the dual wielding weapons, spells, staffs or a combo of them. I am a Wood Elf ______. No class. There aren't any "classes". Everything you do goes toward you leveling up. So if you are a pure warrior and decide to start using some magic in combat that will help level you up. I like it that way. In the older games most of the skills didn't add to your level. So it was like getting better at those skills yet it not benefiting you as a person.

And of course dragons and dragons shouts. Find the words on the word walls. Kill a dragon and absorb its soul and use that soul to "unlock" the word to use the dragon shout. I have 4 dragon shouts. Only one has all 3 words in it. And I've fought maybe over a dozen dragons and killed 10 or so. The others ran away. They knew what was going to go down!

The "kill move" animations are fun too. Sneak up behind someone and you'll stand up, grab their head and cut their throat. Or in regular combat you may stagger them or something and then stab them in the gut or chest.

I'm also in the dark brotherhood. (the assassins guild) Now that's some fun!

There really isn't much more for me to tell you (well there is actually a billion billion things to say). You should go get the game and experience it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. I promise!

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