Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prepaid Android Phones

Recently I've been really wanting my old android phone back. I had to cancel my terrible contract with Verizon a few months ago and have since been on a cheap prepaid Verizon flip phone. I started missing the ability to get onto Facebook, Twitter and mostly the Blogger app. And just about every other app I used to have.

I knew I couldn't get back onto a "real" plan. Nor did I really want to. I mean who wants to be tied down with a 2 year contract? Not this guy. Then I remembered seeing a Straight Talk android phone at Walmart. But I never looked at it. Then recently I started looking online at prepaid android phones. I couldn't believe how many there actually are. Well how many options. Seems like each carrier has its own versions of the couple there are.

I'm going to do my best to not ramble on and actually try to make some sense.

Me being the hasty decision maker that I am (meaning if I want something and have the money I don't hesitate to buy it) I went ahead and got the LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. It's a pretty good phone. Was only $100 and Virgin Mobile has a killer $35/mo plan of unlimited texts and data with 300 anytime minutes. Their service map (which allows you to plug in your address) showed me right in the center of a huge 3g area (since Sprint owns Virgin Mobile it uses Sprint towers). Anyway, I get fairly decent 3g coverage. Every now and then it drops to 1x for no reason. It could be sitting in the same exact spot all day and will drop out. But only for a bit. A minute max. Back to the phone. It's pretty fast, no lag, plenty of memory, expandable to 32gb, 3.2" screen which is very clear, and it's all touch. That's the one thing I don't like about it. Especially with using the Blogger app. Writing even a medium sized post would be a pain.

So that is why I think I am going to switch to the LG Optimus Q on Straight Talk. From what I understand the Straight Talk androids use Sprint towers as well the the coverage maps show me to be in the coverage area. Its basically the same phone. Only with android 2.3 as opposed to the Optimus V's 2.2. And the Q has a slide out qwerty keyboard which is really why I am switching. The Straight Talk plan is $45/mo for unlimited everything. Talk, text, and data. The Q even gets unlimited international texts. So hopefully with in the next week I will be able to return the one I have and get the LG Optimus Q.

Then maybe, just maybe, The Ultimate Ginger will actually be blogging on the go again!

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