Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Info On DC Comics Pandora

So at the end of Justice League #6 there is a small section. Like a mini comic that involves this mysterious Pandora character. You know, the one that was in all 52 #1 issues.

It shows Pandora and someone she calls Stranger. Now if that is a name for him or she is simply calling him stranger, I don't know. But he says that "they" sent him instead of "Spectre". He then names "them" as The Circle of Eternity. Saying they are both cursed and forced to watch what they have caused without getting involved. He says they think she is dangerous because she strengthened reality not rewrote it as they say. Which I can only assume is what was happening at the end of Flashpoint #5 (if someone knows more to this please let me know).

They go on to call each other names. She says she isn't scared anymore and wonders if the Circle thinks he can stop her. They mention "The Third Sinner". I take it Pandora and Stranger are the other two? Maybe. Then Stranger says "The box can't stay in your possession any longer....". Pandora's Box. Hmm...

He tries to take the box. She mentions what her "touch" can do and says its time to fight back. Some blue stuff appears out of her hands and the next thing you know she is in the air with a gun that is sorta made up of the blue stuff. She shoots Stranger but he can't die and tells her so. She says she can cause all sorts of pain to him. Because she knows his true name and that she will tell the world who the Phantom Stranger really is. (He kind of looks like an Arkanian from Star Wars).

She walks away saying once she finds and imprisons The Strange she will be released from her curse. And that the Justice League is going to help her whether they like it or not.

I'm gonna say it: Pandora is a bit of a badass. By a bit of badass I really mean a major badass!

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