Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts on the Hunger Games and other semi-related things

I have this strange quirk (if that's even the right word) in which I lose all interest in something that I feel is over hyped. This happens all the time. For now I will use the recent Hunger Games movie release as an example.

About a year ago my boss had finished reading the books and recommended them to me. This was the first time I had ever even heard of Suzanne Collins and the Hunger Games. After awhile I got the books on my Kindle but never read them. Fast forward a few months and stuff about the movie is out. Ads, trailers, etc, etc. And all of a sudden it seems like everyone and their grandma is the biggest Hunger Games fan ever. I saw it on facebook all the time. People "rereading" the books to prepare for the midnight showing of the movie. I just found it strange that these people were such huge fans but have NEVER once before mentioned this book they are so in love with. 

I understand that everyone wants to be part of something big. I understand that there are people who will jump on the bandwagon just to be part of it. (just like with the whole Kony thing. Everyone was posting that video saying "blah, blah, blarh". Yet as soon as the frenzy died down you hear nothing from these people who supposedly cared. As far as I know they dude hasn't been caught. So why isn't everyone still spreading the word and video?) I guess it just really gets to me when people do this kind of thing. I know in 10-15 years after all the movies are done and over with that nobody who was just a huge fan will probably ever mention them again. I mean everyone is swearing by these books. Shouldn't that warrant frequent rereading? Down the line shouldn't there be occasional mentions of how great this book still is? I suppose my point is something along the lines of: Be yourself. Don't follow the trends just to follow them. Or just to fit in with the current "happening" thing. Simply put don't be a bandwagon-jumping conformist asshole.

But anyways. Though I said I wasn't going to watch the Hunger Games, I did. It was a good movie. The story was good. The action was good. Jennifer Lawrence was phenomenal. I liked the feel of the movie. How they really showed how different District 12 was from the Capitol.

Though I had a few problems with it:

1. Why did that dude have such a stupid looking beard? It distracted me from what was happening in the movie. I'm sure in the book (no I still haven't read it) Suzanne Collins didn't frequently go on about it. So it shouldn't have been so stand-outish.

2. Just to get something straight: The purpose of the Hunger Games is to punish the people (presumably relatives of the uprisers, as this was the 74th Hunger Games) by forcing them to send their children to murder each other why they all watch? That just seems a teeny bit much don't you think? Like "Hey your great grandfather partook in a riot 75 years ago. You must now kill your fellow children! MUAHAHAHAHA!"

3. Related to the last point. Why are people so into this when 75% or more of the movie is children brutally murdering other children? I know people are messed up but damn. I guess you could say people today are the people who live in the Capitol. People today enjoy the hell out of this movie about kids killing kids. The people in the Capitol enjoy the hell out of watching kids kill kids. From what I gathered the Capitol is full of bastards.

4. In preparation for the Hunger Games to begin they had Woody Harrelson going on about having to impress people in order to gain sponsors. Do this and get some sponsors. Because sponsors have the good stuff. Like bows and water. AND BOWS! But I don't recall there ever being anything more to these "sponsors" other than that. They didn't mention who, if anyone, got sponsored. I don't believe anyone got anything special from said sponsors. So what was the point of mentioning them at all?

Random thoughts: I seriously thought that at the end we'd find out people really didn't die. Just for a second. Because apparently they can make shit come out of the ground. Like that dog thing. And then they added more like that *snap*! How'd they even do that? I guess I'll read the books. Maybe. I have more pressing things to read. But I feel that the president (or what ever he is called. Donald Sutherland.) is going to eff stuff up for Katniss and that dude. Because he is pissed that they both got out alive. So I'm sure that's what the next to books will consist of. But yeah I thought it was a pretty great movie!

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