Friday, May 25, 2012

Product Review: Klever Case Kindle Touch Cover

I've had my kindle touch for about three months now and I love it. The one thing I don't like that is that it is constantly getting dusty and dirty. So recently I got a nice Kindle Touch cover for it.

The case I got is a Klever Case which is handmade by The Manor Bindery, Hampshire England. The case is actually the cover of a real hardback book I believe. Obviously there is no binding and pages. Instead on the inside of the back cover is a rubbery black slot for your Kindle. The Kindle fits very tightly into the holder so you have no fear of it falling out. It's even a little bit of a pain to try to get it out of the case. But that really isn't a problem as the bottom of the black holder is a slot that allows easy access to the power button, headphone jack, and usb port. So you never actually have to take the Kindle out of the case!

The case is VERY sturdy and durable. It has the feel and look of an old timey book. Which is great for a few reasons.

1. If you walk away or turn your back on your Kindle for a moment someone could easily steal it. Slip it into one of these Klever Cases and all they will see is a really old book which they won't even consider taking.
2. For all the people out there that loathe ebook and ereaders. This case actually feels like you are holding a real book in your hands. Granted you touch the screen as opposed to flipping pages. But maybe this can be a middle ground?
3. And lastly it just looks amazing!

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  1. I just got a Kindle Fire, and have been looking everywhere for a cover. I just LOVE the Klever Cases, but was concerned about the sturdiness. Apparently, I was concerned for nothing :) Thanks for the review,,,,,it helped me to decide on the Klever Case!