Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kickstarter Projects

After the fun time I had backing and watching the Dungeon World Kickstarter get crazy I've been looking at other projects to back. Safe to say that I found a few, so I thought that I would talk about them a bit. They are either a pen and paper role playing game or some other form of table top game.

End Date: August 5
For only $15 you can get a PDF of the full rule book or if you're like me and like to be able to easily flip to rules you can get a hardcover of the book (plus the PDF) for only $40. They also have some other cool rewards. Including a set of 10 dice, shirts, exclusive minis, and some awesome terrain for use in your RPG games!

End Date: July 30
Shadows of Esteren is originally a French RPG and this Kickstarter is the complete translation of the game into English. It's a low fantasy world and the only races are just regular old humans. As its a Horror RPG the players must survive through the terrors of the world. Though I said its low fantasy there is still "supernatural" elements in the game.

End Date: July 23
This system is meant to be able to be usable for any genre you want. The project page says the the core rulebook provides the basics on how to use the system and then what you do with it is up to you. It says all you need are 2 dice, the core rulebook, and a setting module. Does that mean you can't play with out one? Or is that just what they are calling the adventures you make? I like the whole "usable for any genre" but I don't like that the estimated date of delivery is June of 2013. That's a long time between the end of the Kickstarter and release. Most seem to be a couple of months at most. $10 will get you the PDF and $45 will get you the hardcover. Though at this point it doesn't look like the project will be backed in time.

End Date: July 31
This is a board game that I thought looked pretty cool. For $32 you get a copy of the game and higher pledge levels get you some exclusive cards for the game. But sadly it looks like this game might not get funded in time either.

End Date: July 23
This is a tile based game in which you compete against the other players to collect the most of the Lost Dutchman's gold.$35 gets you a copy of the game.

Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas
End Date: July 27
Players roll the dice to move ships around the map. I take it the goal is to collect the most treasure and generally be a pirate. $40 gets you the game.

Fallen City of Karez
End Date: August 13
Each player controls the leader of a "guild" as they try to take more control of the city. $49 gets you a copy of the game.

So fat that is some of the ones that I have had an interest in. Be sure to check out the pages that I linked to to check out all the other backer levels and other cool stuff!

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