Saturday, September 1, 2012

Product Review: Amazon Kindle Touch Gift Pack

A while back I reviewed a Klevercase for the Kindle Touch. I've had the opportunity to test out another case for the Kindle Touch. Or I should say a Gift Pack. This pack comes with a leather case, a silicon sleeve, a car charger, a screen protector, and a light.

The leather case has little straps in the four corners to hold the Kindle firmly in place and the inside cover has a small pouch/pocket for holding a few pieces of paper. It has a small magnetic strip to hold the case closed when not is use.

I really liked the silicon case the best. It was actually the same as the part in the Klevercase. It just has a nice feel too it. The back is slightly rough so it doesn't become slippery. Also on the back is two slots for the speakers if you use text-to-speech or listen to Audible books on your Kindle. The bottom also has a slot for easy access to the power button, headphone jack, and usb.

With the massively long battery life of the Kindle Touch the car charger isn't all that important. Unless of course you forgot to charge your Kindle before a long trip. But the cord is plenty long enough to allow reading while the battery is charging.

Now the idea of a screen protector is nice. Who wouldn't want a dust free reading experience? My only problem is the darned things are impossible to put on. Now it says that it is anti-airbubble. But I don't think that is possible. There were a couple dozen  little bubbles all over the screen. Which of course made it impossible to see anything. While that is a huge problem the leather case is close able and will keep out the dust anyways.

The light is great! I always find myself waking up at night and not being able to fall back asleep. So I'd have to turn on a light to read. But no more! This light is bright. I know Amazon says that the screens on these Kindles are readable even in sunlight. But with any light at the wrong angle it does glare. Though of course its easy to just tilt it a little. This entire gift pack is worth it for just the light. Plus you get a couple cases and a car charger. The only thing I don't like about the light is that it takes three AAA batteries. It's not really the amount of batteries but the space they take up. The back of the light's clip is bulky and slightly awkward to hold. Though I clipped it right to the Kindle itself and not the case or anything. The back of the clip is wide and flat. So it's just as easy to leave it on a table and let the light do it's thing.

Here is a slideshow off all the pieces of the Kindle Touch Gift Pack. Be sure to check it out and all the other Kindle Touch accessories.

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  1. I'm still on the fence if I want a Kindle case. I like being able to slip it in the back pocket of my 5.11's.