Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazon Mechanical Turk

So I started doing "tasks" on Amazon Mechanical Turk. (strange name, I know) It's through and pretty much what you do is look through a list of "tasks", which list the work required, the time allotted, and the amount you'll get paid upon acceptance.

Now most of these tasks only make pennies, though same make a few dollars, you can fly through them in no time. Can you make decent money from doing this? I have no idea yet. I guess you could if you kept at it and did good work consistently. Maybe not enough to quit your day job but a little extra cash couldn't hurt right?

I did 5 tasks tonight and I don't think they were for everybody. Meaning they were repetitive. Such as searching a keyword and copying the most relevant URL. One I had to do a very short survey. Now if the 5 tasks I complete are deemed suitable and accepted I'll ahve made 55 cents. Not a lot but I was just testing out the system.

It was very easy and I'll admit I actually enjoy the repetitive tasks that I did. Yes, I'm weird like that.

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