Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Strange, a Tabletop RPG by Bruce Cordell & Monte Cook

If you followed, backed, have played or just heard about the amazing game (Numenera) that Monte Cook and his team made last year then you're in for a treat! Monte, along with Bruce Cordell, have recently started a new Kickstarter for a new game, The Strange.

The Strange uses the cypher system of Numenera and from what I've read it sound awesome! Or strange I should say. Ha! Ha!

If you were part of the Numenera Kickstarter you know MCG has a lot of fun, exciting stretch goals. Which they are already tearing through. Go check out The Strange Kickstarter and visit The Strange website.

I missed out on the Numenera Kickstart due to personal reasons but I'm really hoping to be able to back this project. Monte Cook and his team always put out the best games!

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