Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm gonna rant!

Just a little. Just something really irritated me today. Well it's irritated me for a while now. By choice I walk to work. And its really annoying for me to have to walk off of the sidewalk because someone parks across it. Yes it goes across your "driveway" but that doesn't mean it is PART of it. I'm it's illegal to do this anyways. I need to look in to that. But what really makes it worse is that fact that their driveway could hold 4-5 cars before getting to the sidewalk. Yet the single car using it has to park over the sidewalk. And it's not like they parked there so it's closer to the door of their house. It's just plain rude!

After being inspired by a recent post I read on a blog I want to pose a question. If you're a writer do you have a favorite spot to write? A place that is your "Writing HQ"? If so describe it. Where is it? What material do you have in your HQ? What other items are around? Do you remove any potential distraction? Etc, etc.

First, I'm going to describe my old writing area. Two years ago I live in Colorado in a nice townhouse. On the second floor there was a loft with a nice oak desk filled with pens, pencils, and paper. A lovely lamp in the shape of a monkey reading a book sat in one corner. Next to the desk was a bookshelf. And that was it. Perfect writing area right? Nope. My writing area was actually in the closet in the corner of the loft. It was a fairly small closet (I can't remember the dimensions). I somehow managed to fit an overstuffed armchair into it and placed it against one wall. Next to the chair I had a two-drawer metal filing cabinet. One drawer for writing stuff and the other for DnD stuff. At the foot of the chair was a box filled with all sorts of paper. Above the back of the chair and wrapping all the way around to right above the boxes was a shelf which held all my gaming books. And some binders I used for writing. There was a light in there and everything. That was my "Writing HQ".

And sadly after having moved back home to Illinois I haven't found anything like this yet. I don't think my closet now would be very manageable even empty! My bedroom has far too many things to distract me. And thats the only other place in the house I can get any sort of quiet.

So again, What is you writing area like? What stuff do you HAVE to have with you whenever you write? Maybe I'll post about what my "ideal" writing environment would/will be like!

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