Monday, March 28, 2011

Writing Tips?

Oh wow it's been a couple days there hasn't it? Well I was out of town hanging out with my brother and our friend. Both of whom I don't see that often. It was basically a weekend of staying up late, playing video games, and listening/attempting to play music. Yes I said attempting. I've been trying to learn an instrument for some years now. Guitar, ukulele, piano etc, etc. Still can't play anything though. I have trouble staying focused on one thing long enough to get the hang of it. But I think if we actually focused on it we'd be pretty decent. I mean we're both pretty damn creative if I may say so myself. But I digress...

I didn't get much writing done. Hanging out with friends isn't the best place to write. Well for me anyways. I have to have it quiet. And preferably alone. I really need to get myself away from ANY possible distraction. If it's there I'm pretty sure I will probably try to use it to delay writing.

Why can't I just write? I think deep down it's the fear of rejection. That someone is going to tell me its horrible. I tell myself that I don't care. That it's what I want to do and what makes me happy. But then why are these thoughts still there? If anyone knows anything that could possibly help me get rid of these fears I would be beyond grateful!

I mean really, I have all the skills (grammar and the like might need some brushing up on. But that's what editing is for!) I have the basic story. The material to get my ideas down. I have everything I need. Why can't I write it then? I think I may have a theory. I think that I'm looking at it in "the big picture". Meaning I focusing on writing a novel. The entire thing. I should focus on smaller section. Make reasonable goals for myself. Space it out and take my time. Not rush it and most likely boggle my story. Now if only I can figure out what is a "reasonable" goal. Any ideas on what would be good?

I just need to get out of this "writing slump" that I've been in for too long. I used to write like crazy when I was younger. Now thinking back to then I really wish I hadn't thrown away all those stories :( I wish I could remember what some of them were about!!

I guess I'm gonna leave it at that for now. Any answers to the questions I posed would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. A reasonable goal is anything you believe you can attain and preferably something that doesn't take 10 years to do. That's why my "goal" is not getting published right now, but finishing the first draft of my novel. I'm not even thinking about editing. (Okay that's a lie, I think of it all the time and have to tell my mind that it isn't allowed to yet...this comes with practice and determination lol, mostly determination)

    You hit on something key in your post. We all want the dream of being published to come true. But you have to write for yourself and not for everyone else. You'll still have lots of doubts and fears, I know I do all the time, but it IS easier to write for myself rather than thinking about "Will this sell? Will an agent ever take this story on? Would anyone else ever read it?" If your heart isn't in it, no one else's will be either. So write for yourself and you'll end up writing a better story than you ever thought yourself capable of.

    It's funny you posted this last night becasue I just posted a rather long post about what makes you sit down and write. You may enjoy it =)

    P.S. I'm like you when it comes to writing. I want to be alone and nice and quiet with the exception of certain tracks of music that help inspire me. But lots of friends or load noises or the TV running and whatnot? All of that is death to any productivity I may have. lol