Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Movie and Writings! (spoilers? idk)

So tonight I watched Season of the Witch. Before tonight I have never heard of it. It stars Nicolas Cage and Ron Pearlman as knights during the crusades. Who desert the army and get caught. They are given the choice to serve the church once more and be pardoned. They say no. Then yes. The task is to transport a girl who is thought to be a "witch" who is the cause of the plague. They do. People die. In the end the girl isn't a witch. She's a girl possessed by a demon posing as a witch. And the demon's goal was to destroy all these books with rituals in them that would kill the demon. And the resting place of the last book is wear they must take the "witch girl" to be judged. Some battles go down and the demon kills everyone except the young boy who reads the ritual which kills the demon. He and the now no-longer-possessed girl ride off.

It was a fairly good movie. Cage and Pearlman are amazing if I may say so. And the cardinal who gives them the quest is none other than Christopher Lee. Yeah that's what I said too!

Other things happenin:

I post some of my writings on this site called webook.com. You can post stories and what not. Seperating them in to chapters and then other members can read your work and leave feedback. It's very handy I think. Let me know what other people think of my writing. People who don't know me and have no fear of hurting my feelings (not that people who do know me should let that stop them from giving me honest feedback). The site also hosts something called PageToFame (I think you have to pay to enter). You start out at 1 page I think and people read and rate it. And then (not sure what the criteria is) you move on to 5 pages and so on and so forth. The site also has a thing called Agent Inbox. Where literary agents scope out writers and stuff. Well I think if you do good enough in the PageToFame then you get to talk to an agent or something. You can also submit work to an agent. The site pre-screens (proofreads) your submission and helps you out. It's free to submit and like $9.95 for a 6 month subscription to agent tracking. Which lets you know when agents read it and stuff.

One last thing they have is Challenges. They give you a writing prompt. The latest being to kill a monster. The rules: It had to be a human killing a dragon. In 500 words. The site picks 6 winners and they get coupons to enter the PageToFame. The top 3 get featured on the sites blog. And the top winner gets a real dragon in the mail. They say its legit so I'm wondering if it like a statue or something.

I did enter the challenge. So go check me out. And if you like writing and stuff join the site and leave feedback and let me know who you are and I'll check your stuff out! :) My username is Thriondel.

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