Sunday, April 3, 2011


I colored my hair again. Now I'm even more ginger than I was before! I recently purchased a bunch of movies. They are as follows:

Behind Enemy Lines - good
Behind Enemy Lines II - not so good
Patriot Games - good
Clear and Present Danger - good
Wrong Turn - good
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End - not so good
Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead - not so good
Joy Ride - good
Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead - not so good
Horror 4 Pack Volume 1:
Midnight Movie - so far not so good
The Attic - haven't watched
Carver - haven't watched
Outrage - haven't watched
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest - haven't watched in years. I remember it being good but idk
The Never Ending Story - haven't watched in years but I remember it being really good too. But we'll see...
I've noticed a trend there. The first movie was great and then as they keep making sequel after sequel they just keep getting worse. Hmmm.... I could make a better movie what most of these!

Other than that I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and reading The Ranger's Apprentice series. (finishing book 3 tonight!) Not much besides that. I rarely have a "focus" to my blog. It's just what ever when ever I suppose. Hope that's been enjoyable to any readers so far! Any suggests are welcome!

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  1. Can't comment on most of your movies as I don't watch those genres. As far as Neverending Story though? Never did care for the movie, but the book was AWESOME! (The book is the first two movies combined.)