Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Past, Present, Future #01: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I gave this idea to someone else as a blog topic and thought that I'd maybe give it a go.

PAST- When I was younger (up until graduation of high school) what I wanted to be when I grew up changed so many times. The earliest I can remember I wanted to be a professional football player. I don't recall ever being into football back then (around 1st grade). After reading the Resident Evil novels I wanted to be a biochemist so I could make zombies and stuff and other creatures like in the books. Hmmmm what else. I know at one point I had considered the army. Some specialized branch or whatever. So I could be like a spec ops guy. Super agent. Maybe that was the FBI. I know I wanted to try that too. Of course after watching movies and playing video games and reading books. The last thing I wanted to be before I graduated was a video game designer. I was actually accepted to a school in Arizona (with plans to go to school online at home). But during the summer I had a change of heart and a change of interests I guess.

PRESENT- I currently work in a grocery store as a dairy clerk. Its not a bad place to work I suppose. I work with a ton of fun people. But it's definitely not something I want to do for the rest of my life. Not even for 5 more years. That's just a scary idea. Currently I'm working on writing a book. Which is something I've always done. I've written little stories ever since I was a little kid. I guess even though I never though of it being a potential career it's always been there under the surface. Something I've always done and really enjoy doing. Maybe it's what I'm meant to do I just never realized it before. Reading back over all the things I used to want to be it almost seems like I wanted to be everything in the stories I read/wrote.

FUTURE- Well the future is a crazy thing. But I want to be published. I really don't care about becoming a huge name. I really just want to be published. To see my novel as a finished product. I guess if I became a huge name I wouldn't mind that! haha.

Well that was basically it in a nutshell. I may do more of these with different topics if I can think of any!

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  1. I LOVE this post. Thanks for the insight! I enjoy getting a peek into people's minds like this. I think I may steal the concept for my next post =)