Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Got My Very Own TARDIS!

Oh wow half an hour to post this? And I'm extremely tired as my plan to save my sleep schedule failed? I got this.

Well I went ahead and got a netbook. An Acer Aspire One. Now with me being me, I bought the one they had. I'm not, and never have been, one to shop around. I'm pretty impatient when it comes to making purchases. If I sit there and wait and debate I get all stressed out. And I'm really not a fan of stressing out. Not sure about you but it's not my idea of a good time. Also being the person I am I got rid of my full-size regular laptop (to my sister). But honestly I think it was a good decision. The big laptop had a lot of distractions and while so does the netbook (which I named TARDIS. Because with it I can travel in space and time. And yes that was corny. Sue me!) it's not as well equipped hardware wise to do much. So an internet connection and a word processor is all I really need! Speaking of me being corny and naming my netbook TARDIS I thought you should know that I also named my portable hard drive and flash drive sonic screwdriver. So HA! :D

I finally got all my files transfered. AVG installed and ran. Google Chrome installed. All my bookmarks transferred and all the billion brands of insufficient anti-virus software I am ready to write! (After posting this lovely post to my lovely blog. Which I think is looking stellar after I redid the template and layout.)

Well I'll stop rambling now and give my initial reaction to the TARDIS :3
Obviously the keyboard is going to be smaller and yes I have been having trouble typing. But with in two hours I am doing pretty good. (This whole post with only a couple mistakes.) The screen is 10.1" but it is bright and clear. Haven't tested the battery life yet (will do and report back later). The trackpad is responsive and doesn't get in the way like my other laptops does. Erm... other than that it is a great little netbook so far!


  1. Let me know how you like your Acer Aspire One a.k.a Tardis. That's the type I've been looking at getting whenever we have the money for a netbook.

  2. I'm about to actually write a post about it now! :)