Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silly Angry Birds

Today was a crazy long day at work. And it rained all morning. And then the power went out at work. But luckily came back on. I slept like 8.5+ hours but still felt drained. But vacation starts next Monday. The 13th. I'm going to say that I'll write like a man possessed, but we all know that it won't happen. So I'm not going to say that so that the opposite will happen! See? I am smart!

I wish I could just plug my brain into the computer and download all my ideas from my brain to the hard drive. That way I can write in my mind and then transfer like that. Because I don't really prefer writing on computer. Or even on paper. I like both I guess. But then I have to transfer the writing onto the computer and it takes fooooorevvvverrrrrrr. FOR-EV-ER! Ugh I am the king of making excuses not to write.

I will write. And it will be awesome. Because writing is fun. I have fun doing it. Nobody can take that from me. Not even myself!

Angry Birds distracted me for the last hour and I nearly missed my 6-5-11 post! eek!

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