Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doctor Who Mid-Season Finale!

No topic again. (yes I know the whole topic thing is pointless to someone who never does them). But I just finished the mid-season finale of Doctor Who. And WOW! I took notes throughout the episode. My ideas and theories. Or things I noticed. Here are my notes as I wrote them.

1. Symbol on military hats at beginning is Omega?
2. Doctor's watch?
3. River = Amy/Rory baby
      1st time River met Doctor is as a baby. She regenerates as little girl becomes River?
4. Girl kills Doctor in astronaut suit.
5. River self imprisoned herself for killing Doctor?

That was midway through? After that I sorta got zoned in. Here's why I made the notes.
1. I read on some site about people talking about Omega. They thought River was Omega. Saw the symbol wrote it down.
2. The Doctor was wearing a gold watch. I'm not sure if he ever had it on before but I saw it a few times. Not sure if it means anything or is anything special.
3. This one is obviously right. I said it earlier in the season and even said River might be a Timelord. Which I suppose is half right. She's part Timelord.
4. River is the girl in the suit. She kills the Doctor in episode one.
5. I think River put herself in prison for killing the Doctor. Which is why she can so easily just leave whenever and come back. As is apparent in episode 7.

So.... Eyepatch lady has Melody/River and makes her into the astronaut thingy. She kills the Doctor and breaks out of the suit later. Which I think weakens her thus causing the regeneration at the end of the episode. She then becomes River Song.
Now the Doctor is going to America? To where the space suit is? Is the Ganger Doctor still alive after being "melted"? Is he the one who invites everyone to America? Thus starting the Doctor on the path to find out who River is/about flesh/etc. etc.?

Well that's enough theorizing for tonight. I would say I'll be proven wrong and be Moffucked but I had some ideas as to what was going on.

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