Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing Software and A Strange Day At Work

No photo of the day today. I never really had the chance to snap a picture. Oh wells.

Last night I downloaded both yWriter5 and Storybook. They are both pretty similar so far. I haven't actually put any real story stuff into them yet. I was only testing them out. But they look like they could be pretty helpful in keeping my story organized. I think is Storybook that has the drag and drop feature which allows you to place characters, locations, items, etc. into any scene and chapter. I'll definitely have a more in depth post about them after I use them some more.

Other than that I just worked today. I got hit on by a guy while I was there. Is was awkward. Well really I got a weird vibe from him while he was in the store. And like ten minutes later I got a page for dairy/frozen. So I answer and it was that guy. And he asked if I would be interested in getting drinks sometime. Like I said it was awkward. When I told him that I wasn't he was cool about it and wanted to make sure he didn't offend me. (which he didn't). It was just weird actually being put in a situation like that. I mean you see it in movies and what not.

I'm going to be lazy and watch movies now. And mess with the writing software I got. G'night! :D


  1. I had a sorta-similar experience at work the other day. I was in the back washing dishes, minding my own business, and a co-worker comes up to me, leans on close (which is when things really got weird) then asks, "Don't get offended, but...are" and I stopped, laughed, and said "Nah, but a lot of people ask me that"
    Then he walked off laughing. O_o it was weird

  2. I've heard a lot about writing software, but I've never tried it. You'll definitely have to let us know how they are. :)

  3. Dustin - that would be weird! It felt creepy because the guy actually called the store to talk to me.

    Renee - I definitely will! They both seem pretty cool so far. I just hope I don't mix up their features when I post about them!