Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being lazy, A Top 5, and Zombies!?

Well its been a while since I've blogged. I can't even use the excuse that I've been busy like everyone does. Because I haven't been busy. Like at all. Unless you can count being lazy as being busy. Yes, I was busy being lazy and sleeping!

In other news: I've recently started a collab. project with someone. Pretty excited about it actually. Don't wanna give names or what the project is exactly. Not yet anyways. Soon. Promises. This wait will give you all time to prepare your minds so that they aren't blown when I do say!

And I think I am going to blog every day of September. Cause my birthday is in 4 weeks from today. And because I like September. And because I like to blog. And stuff. And I like everyone who reads this silly thing.

Ok done rambling. Wait no im not. I think I once posted about doing a "Top 5 _____" or top 10. Not sure which. But I never did that. So I think I will now. But nit like RIGHT now. Well maybe one right now.

"Top 5 Favorite Actors" (in no particular order)
1. Edward Norton
2. Tommy Lee Jones
3. Will Smith
4. John Barrowman
5. Ewan McGregor

Now im sure there are some im forgetting but I didn't put too much thought into it. Its supposed to be a conversation starter. Y'know people replying with their top 5/10 or agreeing or disagreeing with mine. Or talking about stuff people in the list do!

But really, that's it for me tonight. Bye!

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  1. My Top 5 Actors (in no specific order) :
    1. Owen Wilson
    2. Adam Sandler
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Ben Stiller
    5. Ashton Kutcher

    My Top 5 Actresses (in no specific order) :
    1. Amy Poehler
    2. Cameron Diaz
    3. Rachel Weisz
    4. Helen Hunt
    5. Sandra Bullock