Friday, September 2, 2011

I Bought Comics!

This doesn't count as my September 2nd post. But I had to post it. After nearly 24 years I have finally bought comics books.

Which you ask? Well as you may have guess I haven't ever read a comic. I've been intrigued by them. Always wanting to but just never doing it. My boss at work is a huge Marvel fan (unless I have no clue what im talking about) and he talk about them. Then I heard about DC comics (still not sure if I need to put comics) was doing the New 52. Which (from what I understand is them "rebooting" 52 comic series. Brand new from #1) and I like Batman. And I figured starting at #1 was the way to go. And it seemed like perfect timing (minus the fact that they started august 31 I think. Well some did). So I found a good site to order from and ordered Batman #1, Justice League #1, Superman #1, and Detective Comics #1.

I had to choose shipping frequency. Either 1, 2, or 4 weeks. With whichever o e you pick they send you what is out (that you ordered) and then on the next date they ship new stuff (that came out since the last shipment.) I have chose 4 weeks. So I would get them all together (mostly) and also to save big time on shipping. I think of the 4 I got one comes out each week. And luckily the 1st Detective Comics comes out September 7th. The rest wont ship til october 5th. And then every 4 weeks.

Overall im pretty excited about this new hobby. And its fairly cheap for my selection.

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