Monday, September 26, 2011

Guesses On The Doctor Who Finale

In the current season of Doctor Who we've all heard "silence will fall". Maybe in a few different varieties of those words. All I see online is people saying it is related to the Doctor dying. It could mean a few things. (especially with Moffat writing) Here are my thoughts:

1. It could in fact be about the Doctor dying. He will be "silenced". But honestly, that's just rubbish. The Doctor isn't going to die. I think the Doctor who died is the ganger doctor. Hmmm... I should go back and look at his shoes in the episodes between then and now...

2. It could refer to the religious group The Silence. The ones the eye patch lady is with/runs. If this is the case it could mean a couple things. First, it fall could mean they will fall upon the Doctor/universe is a wave of death and destruction. Or fall could mean that they will in fact fall/be destroyed by the Doctor.

3. or maybe the Doctor will do the "shushing" thing he did to Craig. But across all time and space and then silence will fall. And he will do his bit and all will be good.

Maybe it's a combo of all of them? Or some of them? Or knowing Moffat none of them! We shall see. We shall see...

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