Tuesday, September 27, 2011

REVIEW: DC Comics - The New 52 - Week Three (Sept 21st)

Here is my week three review. Enjoy! Potential Spoilers if you haven't read them yet and plan to.

By now you should have realized that I am a huge Batman fan! And his actual title is amazing. It starts out with him duking it out with a whole mess of baddies. And not just some common thugs. But from who I know and can see its more like Two-Face, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze (no not the Govenator), Killer Croc, some lava thing?, and a huge sumo guy. Batman is whooping up on them and is thrown through a window. And BAM the Joker is all like "there you are. thought you were going to die without saying goodbye!" Then the Batman is like "Ready to do this?" and then they both bust out of the window and put some hurt on the baddies. Later Gordon tells Batman that the security cameras looked like he was fighting alongside the Joker. Batman says that's ridiculous. Back in the Bat-cave you see all his collecibles. Including the T-rex (anyone want to explain this to me?). The Joker is there and they talk. But it's not the Joker, it's really Dick Grayson wearing and E.M.P. mask. Then Bruce Wayne is giving a speech saying he wants to make Gotham a better place. Then he hears Gordon talk a police call and he swoops off to investigate the murder. Behind the deadman on the wall was a hidden message saying "Bruce Wayne will die tomorrow". But the man had been dead a week. So who ever is going to kill Bruce knew when the body would be found. Batman finds skin under the dead man's fingernails. Alfred does a scan and it comes back as Dick Grayson's.... BUM BUM BUM!

This one wasn't too bad. Some scantily clad assassin chicks or something. I'm not sure. They fight off some dudes who I think are invisible to save some guy. At the end the guys eyes start to bleed and he blows up.

I didn't like this one at all. Half the comic was in spanish. And just the whole parasite thing idea wasn't my idea of fun...

This one wasn't one of my favorites either. He absorbs energy I think. And there was a volcano in New York. Should have called Tommy Lee Jones!

This one was good. And no not because he was only half in her costume the entire thing. Well not only that! HA! Anyways she is attacked at her apartment and flees. Meets a friend to get a job. Is in a russian club/orgy acting as a bartender. Sees some guy who beat/raped her and he tears him up and then runs away. Then she is chilling in her new place and Batman shows up and they get freaky-deaky.

This one was iffy. I won't say I like or hate it. I like the idea that he has to live through/as people and help them with their problems. I just hope they take it in an interesting direction. If I understand right his comic will follow different people? Right now it's Deadman. Who is Dove's boyfriend (from Hawk and Dove).

Some Green Lanterns are murdered by a mystery person. One's ring flies off to find a new owner/master. Then some stuff with Guy Gardner and a GL named _____ Stewart trying to fit in to regular life. Then they are chilling in space and a whole planet of water critters is killed. Then they are summoned and they fly off to investigate and find all the dead and realize someone is toying with them.

I can't even start on this one. It wasn't all that bad but there were like 5 billion superheroes introduced and the only one I can remember is some Lad-lad.

Is Dick Grayson. He talks about how he fills in as Batman when Bruce is out of town. The circus in which he used to perform is back in Gotham. The one where his parents were murdered. He finally goes and visits everyone. They talk him into getting up on the swingy thing. He does and falls into the net. Then as he is walking down the street some green Wolverine wanna be attacks him saying he was been looking for him. Dick Grayson not Nightwing. Cops show up and distract the bad guy allowing Dick to change into his Nightwing stuff. The bad guy flees telling him to stay out of it. They fight some more on the rooftop. Bad guy breaks a little water tower and Nightwing falls off building. Bad guy is slashing him at the end... I think Batman will save him. And that the badguy is someone hired to kill him by the people who killed his family.

This one was weird. Red Hood saves some guy who shoots a red bow from prison. They go to the beach and there is an orange alien chick. The bow guy gets freaky with her while Red Hood talks to some girl who I'm sure no one else can see. (but I'm sure she is real) And he leaves to do some mission.

Supergirl - A
I liked this one. She crashes on Earth not knowing what is going on. She actually hits near the "kansas incident" which I assume relates to Superman but I'm not sure. She travels through the Earth and comes out in Russia. She still thinks she is on Krypton. Some guys in mech armor attack her, trying to capture her. And she starts shoot lasers and stuff at them. Though I don't think she knew she could. Then at the end Superman shows up and saves her. I think they might be daughter/father. Not sure on that either.

Some bad person kills two horses and makes them in to centaurs to kill some lady in the middle of Alabama or something. Something to do with her child (unborn that is). Some bird looking guy named Hermes was trying to save the girl and was shot with an arrow. He says to take the girl and run to the ends of the world or the Queen will see her dead. The lady is pregnant by Zeus apparently.  

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