Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll.... Not Cry If I Want To?

Today was my birthday. And I must say it was a pretty good day. I stayed up til 5am reading this weeks DC Comics New 52. Which were very, very good I think, and I will have my usual blarbbity blarb up soon. Then I slept a bit and was woken up by my nephews who made me cards! And also my Blink 182 pre-order came today! If you didn't know all the pre-order bundles were the same. Except for the mystery gift you got. To be honest, I was hoping for one of the signed items or life time tickets. But I got another t-shirt. Also white. I think it was the shirt they were selling. It just has a black square that says Blink 182 and LIVE and September 28th, Birmingham, AL. I could have at least gotten a cool city. But really I'm super happy with it. I mean its a free shirt. A free, Blink 182 shirt! On my birthday! I'm going to go with that it was a personal gift from them to me for my birthday. Thanks guys!

Something else that made it pretty great happened a couple days ago. And that was me getting my Pottermore email! I skipped sleep to get on and check it out. I ended up in Gryffindor house like I wanted! And my wand is Alder with phoenix feather core, fourteen and a half inches, slightly springy! Its a huge wand and I'm happy with it! Then I went and started going through the story and reading all the extras and back story that she had but had never released. And I love it all. But yesterday I got to chapter 10. I made it through "moment" one. Moment two took a couple tries to load. (its sorta interactive and moves and zooms in and stuff). But I couldn't get moment three to load the interactive part. Best I got was the background picture but I couldn't do anything. And again tonight it wouldn't let me. I didn't want to skip it but I finally decided to move on to chapter 11. But then the site was overloaded and I couldn't get on. So I decided to do this instead. I'd rather wait and have a better experience. Though I'm not sure how they plan on keeping it up and running after it is open to everyone. If one million or less early registers keep it overloaded most the time. I mean there will be millions more logging on I think. So millions of people. Millions and millions. I hope it all works smoothly. It's a fun site! Potion making is fun but I had trouble with the one I was brewing. I had to do half of the instructions and then wait 85 minutes! I came back in like 4 hours and it said it needed my attention. So I go in and it seems like it is going to let me continue to the second half but then it blips and restarts me at step one. Who is really going to sit and wait 85 minutes? Blarg.


  1. Happy birthday!!

    Also, woo hoo, Gryffindor! :) I really want to get into Pottermore one of these days.

  2. Thank you! :D

    It's a great site! With lots of wonderful insight into the whole Harry Potter world :)