Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Zeroshock Notebook Sleeve From gearzap.com

I recently got a new laptop case and I thought I'd tell you all about it. Because it's pretty sweet! I got it from www.gearzap.com, which is based in the UK and got it surprisingly fast. Now that I think about it I got it faster than most things that ship from the US. Hmm...

It is a Elecom Zeroshock Notebook Sleeve. It's a fairly simple case. The outside is sort of rubberized. Giving it a very nice grip to help prevent drops and whatnot. From what I've gathered this laptop case 15.6 was made with protection in mind. Along the edges of both the top and bottom is this hard plastic/rubber trim. Which makes the case both sturdier and absorbs shock (the packaging says its hollow). The single zipper goes on three sides to allow the case to open wide giving easy access to your laptop.

Now the inside is the coolest part. Along the edges there is a softer material that keeps the laptop and zipper from touching. Prevent some very unsightly scratches/damage to the laptop. Even cooler than that is the actual top and bottom panels. They are made of a dual layer polyurethane foam. What's that you ask? Basically its memory foam. Which also absorbs shock, thus protecting your laptop even further. I press my finger down as hard as I could right in the center (on the inside) and the indentation is still there after at least a minute. So if something hits it from the outside there will probably be more damage to the falling object.

The package says that the edges can withstand a force of 25-80G from a 1kg weight. And the the flat surfaces can withstand 130-200G from the same 1kg weight. From what I understand unless you are throwing rocks or logs at it than this case will most likely protect you laptop. (1kg=2.2046lbs)

As far as room for accessories there isn't much. It does have a small 8in by 6 in pouch on the inside top. It velcros closed and is a soft felt-like material to prevent scratching on you laptop. Now my laptop is kind of thick so I could really only fit maybe a disc or two in it with out cause the case to bulge. I did carry a small usb flash drive it over the weekend and that seemed fine. Now for power supply. My power block is about 4x2x1.5 inches and with my laptop scooted all the way back it fits nicely in front with the cord wrapped up next to it still allowing the case to zip. If you have nice battery life I wouldn't even worry about the power cord.

So over all I give this 15.6 laptop case a 9/10! If you're looking for laptop cases or pretty much any other accessory check out gearzap.com!

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