Saturday, September 10, 2011

Justice League #1

This may contain spoilers. You have been warned! BA-HA!

Well this is the first comic that I have ever read. And I loved it!

At the start Batman is chasing this robot alien thing. The police are shooting at both. Batman calls then idiots. The alien is whooping on Batman. Then Green Lantern shows up. Didn't know that Batman was a real person. (thought he was fake.) The alien flees. They chase after it. In the sewers they see it plant what they think is a bomb. Alien robot thing explodes. Green Lantern puts a giant safe around him and Batman. They find out the "bomb" is some sort of alien computer thing. Green Lantern mentions Superman being an alien. Batman says he is dangerous. Has studied his power levels. They decide to go to Metropolis to talk to him. Green Lantern makes a jet and flies them there. Batman is all like "you flew us here in a glowing green jet? Way to be subtle" Green Lantern responds "well you can't fly. How were we supposed to get here? Talk in a deep voice?" Batman had earlier said Green Lanterns knew everything but how to tell a joke. Though the whole "lets make fun of Batman because he talks in a different voice as Batman" joke is over used but I still giggled.

They find Superman. Green Lantern "locks" Batman up saying he will deal with Superman. Then BLAM! Superman flies out busting up GL and is all like "I don't like easy. What can you do?" And then that ends the comic with Next: Batman vs. Superman. Batman is gonna whoop up on that pansy-red booty wearing sissy.
And then I'm sure they will be friends and join up.

Well that was my review I guess. I thought it was a good story. Good art. Yeah just good. Excited for the next issue!

(Note: if you caught the Jay and Silent Bob reference then you get a cookie.)

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