Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Which I Complain About Complainers

So I'm sure a lot of you know that Star Wars is being released on blu-ray or some such jazz. And that there have been some changes. Minor, teeny-tiny changes. (Blink, little Ewok, blink!)

And if you have read any of my recent posts you'll know that DC Comics relaunched 52 titles this month.

And also, you may or may not have watched Torchwood: Miracle Day. (If not you need to right now!)

Well I've noticed that for all three items people are bitching non-stop.

Star Wars: "We want the original Star Wars! Why ruin it? It was perfect. We won't buy it!" Come on. Big deal if Ewoks blink now. I couldn't honestly tell you that they didn't before. And I'm pretty sure just about 100% of anyone who has ever watched Star Wars couldn't truthfully tell you they knew that. And Darth saying something like "NOOOOOOOOO!" when throwing the Emperor down the shaft. I didn't know he didn't say that. I can swear at some point in the saga Darth Vader is all like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I have no idea. But it's still not a reason to whine insistently about it. Get over it and just watch the originals if that's what you want you big baby!

DC Comics: At this point I have read the 14 new comics that have been released. As a new comic reader I find that all 14 are pretty darn amazing. I really haven't seen much with people complaining about the relaunch. Mainly it been about story-lines being messed up. DC doing it as some big, bogus money making scheme. (psst, that's what you do as a business who sells stuff. Make money!) Once again, don't go along with the new stuff if you don't want. Its 52 titles out of hundred available.

Torchwood: Miracle Day: I just read an article on io9. Basically it was a massive article that half bashed on and half praised it. I guess the bashing was mainly on the series as a whole. I've heard and read so many people comparing it to Torchwood: Children of Earth. Saying that they should have made it 5 episodes rather that the 10. That over half of it was drawn out and pointless. The author of the article says something about the plot not being concrete and wishing that the whole "Phase 2" would have gone some where. Did you not watch the end of the episode? The dude from the Families approached Jilly again and clearly said that they were going to try again. That as trial runs go it was pretty good. Just because one old lady and come CIA mole died doesn't mean the Families are gonna go all "Whelp that's that. Lets go play tee-ball." I could go on counter-arguing every point he made but that will take forever. The last thing was about Jack's blood and him being a "fixed point in time". Yest that's true. But the whole "his blood made the world immortal" thing doesn't mess it up. The Blessing was a freaky thing and freaky stuff happens around freaky things. Unexplainable stuff. Plus, it was the Doctor who said he was a fixed point in time. And what's rule number one children? No, not We do not talk about Fight Club. Rule #1 is: the Doctor lies. Yes, I know he most likely wasn't lying about that. But like we learn time and time again the Doctor isn't infallible. So Jack's immortal. He says more than once he can't get drunk (mainly why he does when he is mortal). Something to do with his liver being all crazy because of his immortality. Well, wouldn't that make his blood just as crazy? Heck yes it would. And "fixed point in time" could encompass anything. Are you experts on Time and Space? I know I'm not.

Anywho I'm going to leave it at that and go re-read the new DC comics so I can write a big old review on them all. Which I plan to do every week. So this Wednesday I will review the ones from last week. And next Wednesday (21st) I will review those from this Wednesday (14th). So be on the look out for those!

P.S. I know that this entire post was me complaining about people complaining and wasn't at all necessary. But hey-o!

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