Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whoniverse Stuff and A Top Ten

Remember that time I posted at like 12:xx am on September 2nd? And then said that that wasn't my September 2nd post? Well I must have been mistaken because it apparently was. (I actually was busy and then spaced it but I guess I got lucky I made that second post because now my daily post isn't messed up!)

I am currently attempting to watch the new episode of Doctor Who. And also have to watch the newest episode of Torchwood tonight. Both of which I am very excited about! I won't go into my thoughts right now. Later, promise!

Hmm what else... Well about a week ago I did a fantasy football draft. Though I should say that only my friend and I are in the league and it only has 4 teams. And we each control 2. So we both pretty much have pretty amazing teams but I think that will make it more interesting. See who got the better teams out of the best players. Or who of those best players plays best.

Now I am going to do a Top 10. And it won't be perfect because I am not going to give it much thought.

(note: a series like Star Wars will count as a single spot in this list. Though I like more than others.)

1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Star Wars
3. The Goonies
4. Fight Club
5. Indiana Jones
6. Batman
7. George Romero movies
8. Oscar
9. The Core
10. Harry Potter

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