Sunday, October 2, 2011

Magic the Gathering Cards For Sale!

So I've decided to sell my Magic the Gathering cards. I haven't played in months and it really hasn't peaked my interest in a while. So I figured why not help other players/new players out and make some of my money back?

I can't really (well I could) list EVERY single card here because that would take for ever. And all the commons and uncommons aren't in order really. But I have a bunch of commons/uncommons that are perfect for the new player. Something to break into the game with but not break the bank. Enough cards to make several different types of decks. I have a bunch of land too of every basic type and some not basic. I have a bunch of pre-made decks. Some decks I made myself (that aren't really all too good!), and some that I had assistance building. I'd say he is a pretty decent player so these decks are a bit better than my own made decks. I also have a bunch of Fat Pack deck/card boxes. You know, the ones that hold your decks of cards? Hmm what else? Oh! I do have some card sleeves. Possibly enough for at least one whole 60 card deck. Or for those unused rares/mythic rares you want to protect. And I have a handful of spindown life counters from various recent sets. I have a few token cards too and an orange Monster Protector binder.

Now I have to admit I'm no expert on cards or card prices. But for the purpose of this sale I will just being going off prices based on some of the bigger websites that sell cards. And of course negotiations are welcome.

Well gee I just realized as I don't have these online anywhere to buy if anyone does want them I guess we'll have to trust each other to be honest. But I swear I'm legit. I just want to get rid of these things.

Please email me at the email in from the contact page with any questions! I'll do my best to try and get some sort of list up of at least the rares and mythics and decks and stuff. Maybe some pics too. Definitely some pics.

For like the commons/uncommons that I have a ton of I will sell in bulk if that interests anyone.

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