Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thoughts and Hopes For the Last 100 Pages of Inheritance

With roughly 100 pages left in Inheritance (book 4 of the Inheritance Cylce by Christopher Paolini) I have a lot that I want to know and I'm very curious to see what he tells and how he does it. (Now lets see if I can get this into a coherent post!)

1. Will Eragon fulfill his promise to Elva and cure her of the "cursed blessing" he gave her?

2. As Roran is my favorite character of the series I really want to know what happens to him. Where to him and Katrina live? Do they go back to Carvahall? Do they give birth to a healthy child? Is it a boy or girl and what will its name be?

3. Eragon has come a long way in his training. Especially given that it has all been sort of rushed and in a non-typical manner. How does he finish it?  Do Glaedr and the other Eldunari help complete his training and assist him in training the new generation of Dragon Riders?

4. Speaking of new Dragon riders... Does the green egg hatch? The green dragon is on the cover of the book so it should! But to who? I kept thinking it would be Arya because her magic was green (I think. So I sort of hoped it would be her). What happens with the other eggs?

5. Who becomes the new ruler of the Elves? Arya? It doesn't seem to fit with her as the new ruler.

6. Does Arya finally give in and wed Eragon? Is she the royal person from his fortune? She should be. It can't be Nasuada. That wouldn't be cool at all.

Hmmm  what else???

7. I have a feeling that Nasuada will become the new ruler of the the humans. At least I'd hope.

8. I guess the last thing I can think of and the one thing I want to know the most. The one thing I would settle for in place of all the rest is WHO EXACTLY IS ANGELA?! Will everything about her even fit in 100 pages? I would guess not. Hey Christopher, how about a Angela Trilogy? or The Adventures of Angela and Solembum! PLEEEEEEEASE :D

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