Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Disappointment about Eragon (the movie)

So after finishing the final book in the Inheritance Cycle I decided to watch the Eragon movie from 2006. (I hadn't seen it since it was in theaters.) Though now I wish I hadn't. On it's own, with out the books, it might have been a good movie in my opinion. But knowing how the book is and how the series goes it made me cringe the entire time.

Here are just some of the inconsistencies I noticed (and some of them could be wrong. It was 4am at the time)
- They called Saphira's egg "Galbatorix's Stone" and he was like "I suffer without my stone". I understand they don't want to go yelling about it being a dragon egg. But they should have just cut all that out and it wouldn't have changed a thing.

- Horst's sons were being "recruited" into the king's army. I don't remember any recruiting. Or even the king's soldiers being in Carvahall. Especially not Horst's sons.

- Eragon's leather vest looked more like fake, plasticy, plastic than leather. It looked too new as well. It would have been more worn and dirty. Or at look like it had been used. Or real.

- When Saphira's egg hatched everyone seemed to know instantly. Brom, the King, Arya. How would that even be possible?

- I don't know if this is accurate. But the king's giant map has Farthen Dur on it. I thought it was hidden or else he would have attacked long ago. Or maybe he just can't find it exactly? or how to get it?

- Horst and Sloan look nothing like I remember. Horst in the books was a big guy. I always pictured him as tall, very muscular, with a epic beard. Not a scrawny, sickly, balding man. And Sloan I pictured as a little guy. Not a twig but not like the massive guy who played him in the movie. And he wasn't rude enough to Eragon.

- I remember this bothering me immensely in the theater. Saphira's rapid growth. She could barely fly. Then apparently went through some magic clouds because seconds later she was massive. I'm sure this was done for the movie. To get to the point of her being fully grown quickly but no. Just no.

- Also the Urgals had no horns. That is like their most distinguishing feature.


That is all that I wrote down before I wanted to cry. I don't think the acting or anything was bad. I actually enjoy a lot of the actors/actresses that were in it. It was just the script/story/how they translated from the book to the movie. They mashed stuff together. Durza killed Brom? The whole thing with the Ra'zac killing him was HUGE in the book. And the dwarves looked more like men with beards. Murtagh was played well but they didn't give him much screen time. By played well I mean the actor not his lines or anything. And Angela was in Daret? I don't recall them ever going to a Daret and she most definitely wasn't there. The fortune she told was weak and not very accurate. AND they didn't even show Solembum at all! How could they not? He is a chief character and adds a load of mystery with just like two lines.

Overall it was just rushed, and crammed, and badly done. If they didn't have the resources to make a decent adaptation they shouldn't have attempted. Why ruin such an amazing story?

I had huge expectations for this movie. Now after 5 years and finally getting to read the entire series I am really, really, REALLY hoping they will find someone to make four epic movies. Let Peter Jackson give it a go. He does epic.

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