Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year everyone!

I was going to write about how 2011 was. The ups and downs and all that jazz but really you could just go read through my blog and see what I was up to. I honestly can't think of a whole lot off the top of my head. 

- I started playing disc golf (though not in a while). Its pretty great and I hope I get to play more this year.
- We got a new dairy department manager at work and I guess its because of him that I started reading comics. And I have to say that I absolutely love them!
- Skyrim was released and it is absolutely amazing!
- I pretty much switched to digital books. Though if I read an ebook and it blows me away I'm going to buy the physical copy too.
- I blogged a whole bunch, and met a whole bunch of great people through it (you know who you are!).
- I actually finished a short story which I had originally rushed for a writing deadline on this one site. I then published it on Smashwords. I'm pretty proud of that. Actually writing something to the finish. Even though I published it I know that it needs a ton of work. My brother and I did a few quick rounds of grammar and spelling edits but that is it. I should go back at some point and fix it up.
- Speaking of writing. I didn't actually write anywhere near as much as I wanted. And that's my fault. Though I did start a collaboration project with a cousin of mine. I have big hopes for it and even though I haven't done much with it in a while it's always been simmering in my mind.

That's all I can think of that I want to put. I don't really make resolutions. But I told myself that I was going to make some changes for 2012.
1. WRITE!!!
2. Cut soda out of my diet. I drink way to much of it and that's no good
3. That was it really. Well and write more!

Happy New Year and best of luck in 2012

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