Monday, February 27, 2012

My Ebook on the Web

So, I'm not sure if anyone even remembers the short story ebook that I published (via Smashwords) last year. But not being able to sleep and being bored I decided to Google the title. The results were:

1. Amazon. I think I did this on my own since smashwords wasn't/isn't publishing to Amazon yet. The price is set at $2.99 for a short story and I don't know why. I feel bad that two people bought it and one thought it was a novel and found out it was a bad rush jobbed short story :(

2. Smashwords. No reviews.

3. Barnes and Noble. No reviews.

4. Goodreads. This is the one that stumped me. How does a book even get onto goodreads? I know I didn't do it. I made an account in December and have been on a total of five minutes. But it was two reviews and two people marked it as "to-read".

5. Sony ebooks. No reviews.

6. Was some blogspot blog that had a bunch of free and .99 kindle books linking back to Amazon. Kind of cool I guess.

7. Itunes. No reviews.

There were some more on various pages. Mainly linking back to those main ones. I even found a Goodreads author page. I sent them a message claiming it was me. Lets see what happens. Not even sure how it got on there.

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