Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Heck Yes! Gadget Update to Dynamic Views!

Google just/finally updated the dynamic views to include gadgets now! I had just posted about this the other day. I wish that would work on everything I was Google to change.

I definitely like how it is integrated into the template. A little pop out thing on the right hand side. At least on the sidebar view.


  1. Neat! I'll be watching your blog for more updates to these layouts as they come. I have confidence that Google will make this great, but I'd like to wait around for things to fill out more. I predict that by a year from now, the dynamic views will be sufficiently awesomized and I'll probably have switched over. :)

    1. It is so much better with just the gadgets. But like you said a year or so and they will probably have it all decked out. I haven't really messed with it much yet. But when I went to layout so I could add/reorder the gadgets I have it has posts section on the left and the gadgets on the right.

      This is what it shows on the right hand side: Header, Pages, Attribution, Followers, Blog Archive, Follow by Email, Navibar. The Favicon section slightly overlaps the Posts section. Just the corner though.

      As you can see from that list it's kind of crazy. Since pages is on the right but shows up on top. And there is no normal navibar or attribution. Also all it shows right now is followers, blog archive, and subscribe (which opens to email and RSS).

    2. Whoa, those are really cool!

    3. Right above where the gadget thing slides out it has a pencil for "New Post" and and house "Home" which takes you back to the dashboard. When I made this post the only thing there was the RSS symbol which would let you subscribe.

      I'm glad they added the home button. It was slightly annoying to have to type the address back in every time I wanted to see the dashboard.