Monday, February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead S02E09

Picking up where episode 8 left off we find Rick, Glenn, and Herschel preparing to leave the bar and head back to the farm. A car pulls up and they hear people outside. They hide. Eventually the group outside approaches the bar. They are looking for the two men that Rick had shot. The door starts to open but Glenn jumps in front of it, slamming it shut. Finally Rick answers saying that their friends drew on them first and they had no choice but to kill them. The guys outside start shooting. Glenn goes out the back to try to make it to the car. He shoots at a guy coming in the back. Herschel covers him as he goes out the doors. The guy outside had moved and opens fire on Glenn. Luckily Glenn is unharmed and Herschel shoots, but doesn't kill the other guy. Rick comes running out. He makes it to where Glenn is hiding. Another man is on a nearby roof shooting at them. A truck pulls up and yells to the man on the roof to hurry up and jump. That a huge group of walkers is coming. The guy jumps to a lower roof, busts his ankles and falls on to a spiked fence which goes clean through his calf. They try to cut his lower leg off but walkers overwhelm them and Rick is forced to just rip his leg back off the spike.

At the end of the last episode Lori is an a car accident. At the beginning of episode 9 she wakes up to find a walkers trying to force its way through a hole in the front windshield. She makes her way out the back but not before the walker makes it in enough to grab her hair. I think she breaks of the turn signal stick thing or some other lever and stabs the walker in the eye. She gets out and is calming down when another walker attacks from behind her. They fall and she tries to crawl away, grabs a hub cap and busts the walker in the face with it. She sees her gun in the car and goes to get it. As she turns the walker is back up and advancing. She shoots it in the head.

The people back at the farm realize she in missing and Shane goes looking. Finds her and lies to her about Rick being back at the farm already. They get back and she finds out it was a lie. Shane says he did it because he has to protect her and the baby. Later he talks to her and says that he loves her and Carl and that they were meant to be together. She tells him he is wrong.

The next morning a group is going out to look for the others in town when they pull up. They had brought along the guy who had injured his leg. They plan to heal him, give him water and send him on his way. Of course Shane is the one who freaks out about the idea. At the end of the episode Rick and Lori are talking. She tells him what Shane was saying about how Rick couldn't keep the group safe, that he was going to get them all killed and that he thought they were supposed to be together and that he thought that the baby was his. She said he was dangerous and wasn't going to stop. I think she said something like "you killed the living to protect what's yours?" Rick answered, "I did." and she went on to basically say that Shane was potentially going to endanger her and Carl. Rick gets that look in his eyes. You know the one where he is about to be a badass.

The preview for next weeks showed Rick and Shane fighting. Rick will give him the beatdown he deserves for sure.

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